Myopic Void

You know, there are times when I miss Canada so much that my body quite literally aches for the bright clean air of a really cold winter day, for Halifax, for a Tenpenny (can’t find a link…discontinued by Moosehead?), for an outdoor seat at a bar on Spring Garden Road
Then there are times when I think, “what a fucking crock of shit, Canada fucking shmanada, the hair and fingernails may still be growing, but this corpse is starting to smell, and I mean really stinking the joint out.”
Witness the latest “premiers conference” in Charlottetown. This group of politically challenged deadbeats is to ‘unity’ as Ozzy Osbourne is to bats (think about this one, people).
I mean, how can a “country” survive with something so asinine as the so-called “notwithstanding clause”? Usually a toy for crybabies in Quebec, these days everyone from homophobic Ralph Klein in Alberta to Ernie Eves in Ontario (who actually says, if it’s OK for Quebec…) wants to invoke this fucking piece of shit disgrace to the modern nation state.
Three cheers to a Balkanized (Rockied?…ugh…) Canada.
Mmm…I wonder who’s playing downtown this week…


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