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Holy Fucking Shit!

October 22, 2004

You didn’t come here to read about the Red Sox and the greatest comeback in baseball history, but holy fucking shit. In honor of this truly remarkable achievement, today in my university classes we ‘studied’ the classic Nancy Sinatra song These Boots Are Made for Walkin’. Too bad that my Japanese students are Matsui and, therefore, Yankees fans…


From the Wire Hanger Department

October 18, 2004

Coke really is better than Pepsi. Joan Crawford screams… from the grave, of course…

Hole in the Sky

October 15, 2004

As I write this, it’s been 29 days 9 hours and 39 minutes since the National Hockey League’s owners have locked out the player’s union. (Sigh…) To add insult to injury the Yankees are up 2-0 on the Red Sox, my computer is too old to download the newest Google toy, and the Prime Minister of Japan has actually stated that he hopes George W. Bush is re-elected. There ain’t no justice…