From the Department of the Obvious

In an article in the Japan times talking about the apparent lack of sex in Japan resulting in a declining birth rate, a Japanese researcher says that it’s “important for men to have sexual relationships.” About half of the world may be stunned by this news… The other half have known it all along…


9 Responses to “From the Department of the Obvious”

  1. Maliha Says:

    poor japanese guys they are prolly miserable!

    i am stunned…but i know so little of the far east.


  2. Eli Says:

    Yes, it’s a shame that men are so uninterested in sex…

  3. kyklops Says:

    Maliha, thank you for your comment. Believe me, Japanese guys are very responsible for this sorry state of affairs…
    Eli, yeah, it seems strange, but true…
    For my part: my wife and I have had one beautiful daughter. I’d…ahem… be happy to help other Japanese women to become pregnant, but my wife might not approve…

  4. Eli Says:

    Charity is never without cost.

  5. Maliha Says:

    you’ve been tagged:)

  6. Mr Angry Says:

    And yet, western guys are so keen to have sex with Japanese women…

  7. Mayang Says:

    not necessarily Japanese women Mr. Angry, WESTERN men are so keen to having sex with ASIAN women. 😉

    Japanese men are known to be what i usually term as ‘FRIGID’. 😀

  8. kyklops Says:

    Mayang, I think you’re right! Although, in Mr. Angry’s defense, I don’t think he meant to exclude all the other beautiful Asian women!

    Funny how a simple two-sentence post (not much more than a comment really) has generated more comments than I usually get for longer, more time-consiming posts. Gee, maybe it’s connected to the topic…

  9. Mr Angry Says:

    Mayang: you’re absolutely right of course, I was only limiting to Japanese to stay on theme with Kyklops.

    So what are you doing later anyway Mayang?

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