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Fight the Future

July 3, 2006

OK. Now, if this is gonna make any sense to whomever is reading this, the first thing ya gotta do is go over to Multi Medium and check out a pic with the caption “Orange wall with thingy.” I was over there myself earlier today and saw the pic in question, and didn’t think anything of it until later, when I happened to drop by Loser’s Guide and saw an eerily familiar looking object in an article called “The Truth Is Right Here.” It doesn’t end there, people. I took the picture you’re looking at right now with my cell phone (sorry for the poor quality). Look closely and you should recognize this object. Yes!! It’s the same object! And do you know where I saw it? It was hovering over a rugby field in back of my condo!! The glare is from the field’s lights, but this is clearly the same object. They’ll never take me alive…